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Our Holiday To Majorca

It was August 30th and we were SO excited to be going to Majorca!

It was just what we needed to end the school holidays and myself, Dan, Lucas and Ava had been looking forward to it for weeks. Just before, we all caught a HORRIFIC sickness bug so I was hoping and praying that we were all going to be better in time, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than vomiting and running to the toilet every two minutes while travelling abroad. Luckily, we were all better for the day (and as an added bonus I lost a few extra lbs on top of the weight I DIDN’T lose for holiday! Whoops.)

After a hectic day packing for a family of four, – including every summer outfit and beauty product I own, then being told off by my other half for overloading the suitcases (men just don’t understand), we were all ready to go. We flew from Bournemouth Airport which is near to where we live and the flight was just over two and a half hours. It was Lucas’s third and Ava’s first time on a plane, as she is still classed as an infant she sat on my lap. I was slightly dreading it as she is almost two and very active, but she cuddled into me and slept most of the journey. Lucas watched the Spongebob Movie on the iPad, did some sticking and colouring and admired the view from the window, both children were angels. When we were getting off the plane, an older couple commented on what well behaved, quiet kids we had, which of course made me very proud (but seriously, they should see my monkeys on a normal day!)


It was over 30 degrees when we landed in sunny Majorca and we headed straight to our resort in Santa Ponsa, not too far from Palma Airport. As we drove past the infamous Magaluf, I smiled to myself.. almost ten years ago to the day I was here with nine of my friends for our first ever girls holiday. It was MAD. We stayed out until 6 in the morning every night, drank WAY too much, wore t-shirts with our nicknames on, made some great memories and I actually came back PALER than when I left. I still remember the look of shock on my poor mothers’s face when she picked up my sorry looking self from the airport. Now, a mature (yeah right..) 27 year old woman on trip a with my family, the closest I would get to partying at BCM was dancing along to the ‘Chuchuwa’ song at the kids disco. But I certainly wouldn’t change it for the whole world.

We stayed all-inclusive at ‘Hotel Club Santa Ponsa’ and although slightly dated, it was a fantastic family hotel that had everything we needed and more. It was clean and the food was fantastic.We found the staff and fellow tourists lovely and even made some ‘holiday friends’ during our stay. The only dirty look I received was when I smugly started speaking my best German, which is terrible and non existent, to a couple by the bar, only for Dan to inform me they were from France.

We had a spacious, one bed apartment where the kids slept in the bedroom. I was worried they wouldn’t sleep well together and Ava would keep Lucas up but they really surprised us, going down every night brilliantly. Dan and I were on the sofa bed in the lounge, it was so hot that we actually dragged the mattress outside and slept on the balcony a few times, which the lady at reception definitely told us off for.


Most days began with Dan being sent to reserve sun loungers (yes I know it’s naughty.. but honestly, everyone did it here!) indulging ourselves in a continental breakfast and then going to the pool to sunbathe and swim. We ventured into town a few times, exploring the gorgeous area, visiting the beach and buying pointless tat from the touristy shops, but mostly stayed at the resort. There was always lots to do, the kids were content and have I mentioned it was HOT?! It reached 36 degrees some days, not that I am complaining, but I am a wimp and felt I was constantly melting.

Lucas progressed so much in the water and went from looking like a drowning fish to learning to dive and able to swim the entire pool length. Ava was in her element splashing around the baby area and after a while would retire under the umbrella for her daily nap. The hotel entertainment team were absolutely brilliant. Stefan, Sandra and Juan-Carlos (amused me way too much that he shortened it to ‘JuanCar’ – say it out load) worked ALL day and night getting all the holiday makers going, running activities (I ACTUALLY did water aerobics) playing with the kids and putting on the evening entertainment. Poor Lucas takes after me as a child and gets rather obsessed with ‘celebrities’ (which is what they were to him!) He followed the team round the hotel like a groupie and took part in all the mini activities, we would even get – “Look, mummy Stefan’s eating a croissant for his breakfast!!” in the restaurant, his little face was a picture each time they high fived him and said hello.

After dinner and numerous dessert plates, we would go along to the mini disco and evening entertainment. I can’t remember how many times we sang along to ‘everybody do the Chocolaaaatte’ and ‘pia pia piano piano piano’. This may sound like most’s idea of HELL (and definitely mine) but Dan and I were so happy to watch the kids dance away on stage and play games, without a care in the world. Dan was also dragged on stage to take part in a hilarious ‘entertainer verses the guests’ competition and another night, after one too many prosecco’s I embarrassingly sang ‘Let it Go’ for the karaoke. Obviously dragging Lucas up with me and pretending HE was the one desperate for me to sing it.

We had an amazing time and were gutted when it came to an end. We had so much fun and made fantastic memories as a family, spending quality time together is absolutely PRICELESS. Although we had a few tantrums and a couple of days of dodgy tummies (yes – again!) it was perfect. This time, I even came back with a bloody good tan!

Til next time,

Roxanne x


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