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An Open Letter to my Mum

It is my beautiful Mum’s birthday and I wanted to write a quick post about how much she means to me. I won’t be seeing her today as she is WAY too busy sunning herself in Tenerife (so selfish of course!)

I came into this earth when Mumsy was only SEVENTEEN years old. Now that I have my own brood I absolutely take my hat off to her, it must have been so hard bringing up kids that young.

A teenage Sandra!
My younger sister, Megan and I have not been the easiest of daughters, – pulling each others hair out constantly as kids, being naughty teenagers and even now as adults relying on her for way too much! My mum LIVED for us, hardly ever going out or buying herself anything new but made sure we NEVER went without. We always received a mountain of presents for birthdays and Christmas although she definitely couldn’t afford it! Mum worked nightshifts and my parents never claimed a single benefit even when they pretty much had nothing. They always taught us to be independent and work hard.

I absolutely idolised my mum growing up. She was young, gorgeous, kind and had so many friends. I always wished I could be just like her when I was older. My dad used to call me a ‘limpet’ as I was often stuck to her and when she went out all I would do was ask “when is mum back?!”  My mum was my WORLD.

As a teenager we lost our relationship slightly. I admit I was pretty horrible, ungrateful and there was a real clash of personalities. I definitely think my mum found it hard dealing with an unruly adolescent but as I grew up we got back on track.

My mum has not had it easy in life and has been through A LOT, but remains the strongest woman I know. She gets on with everything thrown her way and would do anything for anyone. I go to her whenever I have a problem and she always knows exactly what to say and do. As well as a loving mother and an AMAZING Nan to Lucas and Ava (although she was fuming when I made her a grandmother before her 40th birthday!) I count her as a true friend and we can even bicker like sisters!

My mum understands me like no one else and always has my back, she may be slightly ditsy and often a stubborn cow but I don’t know what I would do without her in my life.

Happy birthday Mum, I love you!!

Til next time,

Roxanne x

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