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An Open Letter to a Parent Going Through a Break Up

I know you are hurting, but everything is going to be okay. I promise. Your world has been flipped upside down.You feel completely out of control and the sadness and agony is probably like nothing you have ever experienced. What makes this situation more difficult is the fact that it's not just two people who have… Continue reading An Open Letter to a Parent Going Through a Break Up

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My weeks #littleloves

Today I am joining in with the #littleloves hashtags and blog posts from Read I am slightly ashamed to admit it but this week I have been reading the one and only Katie Price's new autobiography - Reborn. Her books are definitely my guilty pleasure and I have read EVERY single one (please don't… Continue reading My weeks #littleloves

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First blog post/Introduction

Welcome to my first blog post. Sat here with my laptop cross legged on the sofa, kiddies in bed, fiancΓ© sprawled next to me suffering from man-flu and e-cig on stand by (terrible/occasional habit)... I begin. For years I have followed and enjoyed all types of blogs, mostly mummy/parenting pages. Reading to gain advice, laugh… Continue reading First blog post/Introduction