The (not big or Fat) Quiz of The year

I have been tagged by the lovely Robyn from to complete 'The (Not Big or Fat) Quiz of The Year'. Here we go! What was the highlight of 2016? Although I said 2016 was a bit tough, it also brought some wonderful moments for myself and my family. I can't possibly pick just one so… Continue reading The (not big or Fat) Quiz of The year

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First blog post/Introduction

Welcome to my first blog post. Sat here with my laptop cross legged on the sofa, kiddies in bed, fiancΓ© sprawled next to me suffering from man-flu and e-cig on stand by (terrible/occasional habit)... I begin. For years I have followed and enjoyed all types of blogs, mostly mummy/parenting pages. Reading to gain advice, laugh… Continue reading First blog post/Introduction