The (not big or Fat) Quiz of The year

I have been tagged by the lovely Robyn from to complete 'The (Not Big or Fat) Quiz of The Year'. Here we go! What was the highlight of 2016? Although I said 2016 was a bit tough, it also brought some wonderful moments for myself and my family. I can't possibly pick just one so… Continue reading The (not big or Fat) Quiz of The year


The transition of One child to Two.

So here I was... Expecting our much wanted second baby, but FREAKING out. I was drained from horrific morning sickness (morning, day and night sickness more bloody like!) and I was emotional, hormonal and confused. Why did I feel so scared? As I've spoken about in previous blogs, I loved being a Mum to Lucas… Continue reading The transition of One child to Two.

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My weeks #littleloves

Today I am joining in with the #littleloves hashtags and blog posts from Read I am slightly ashamed to admit it but this week I have been reading the one and only Katie Price's new autobiography - Reborn. Her books are definitely my guilty pleasure and I have read EVERY single one (please don't… Continue reading My weeks #littleloves

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My C-section and trial VBAC experience

When expecting my first baby, Lucas, I hoped for a smooth, relaxing hypno-birth. I read the books, downloaded whale music and preached to anyone who listened that labour should not hurt and that 'pain is just in the mind' (they nodded along/wanted to punch me) I believed my birth was going to go swimmingly. For… Continue reading My C-section and trial VBAC experience